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4.Art Direction



What we do
We have grown in our editing and writing skills. We believe in our own inspiration, our own writing style, and our own aesthetic sense, taking into account the needs of our clients. And we aim to contribute to positive change by thinking about what is best for each of us, not just what is appropriate for the times. To this end, we value respect and communication with various creators, and manage the process from direction to execution.
Sneaker Culture
Founder MASAYUKI OZAWA has been watching the sneaker scene from a proper distance since the 1990s, and has published three books: "Tokyo Sneaker History" in 2016, "sneakers" in 2017, and "Air Max 1995" in 2021. While having an understanding of the HYPE sneaker, he does not judge the heat source of the uplifting spirit only by collaborations and limitations, but rather by its value in a logical way. To this end, we are conscious of considering the historical and cultural backgrounds and deconstructing the concepts that the culture holds. With a strong stance, we seek originality without ambiguity.
設立者のMASAYUKI OZAWAは1990年代よりスニーカーシーンを適正な距離で見続け、2016年に「東京スニーカー史」、2017年に「SNEAKERS」、2021年に「1995年のエア マックス」と3つの書籍を上梓しました。HYPEなスニーカーへの理解も持ちながら、マインドが高揚する熱源をコラボレーションや限定だけで判断することなく、その価値を論理的に導いています。そのために歴史的、文化的な背景を考察し、カルチャーが掲げる概念を分解することに意識を注いでいます。強い姿勢で、曖昧さのないオリジナリティを模索しています。